When treating cancers of the head and neck, patients will need to be immobilized during treatment for pinpoint and reproducible accuracy during delivery of high energy radiation. Unlike other radiosurgery systems requiring rigid head frames that are screwed into the patient’s skull, the Cyberknife system does not require fixed head-frames. Custom breathable face mask is created for each patient and molded to the patient’s face. The system uses sophisticated tracking software allowing for realtime monitoring of patient head and neck during radiation treatment. Additionally, having image guidance software to track and adjust treatment for patient and/or tumor movement, allow for precise targeting and allows for patients to breathe normally and relax comfortably during the radiation treatment. Cyberknife is able to provide the same precise accurracy to treatment of head and neck cancers to other tumor sites. Cyberknife is able to provide precise treatment to prostate, mediastinum, lung, spine, liver, pancreas, kidney, and metastatic disease.

Advance Image Tracking Technology for Precise Delivery of Radiation to Moving Targets

The animation above shows orthogonal X-ray images taken prior to delivery of radiation to the targeted site. Cyberknife offers the most advance image tracking technology to maximize treatment to the cancer target and minimizing radiation to surrounding normal organs.